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Whether it is an established business, an enterprise or a small business, the expert services of web analytics are required for understanding the measurement objectives, making proper utilization of Google analytics tool with data analyses and getting assistance to make proper business decisions and measure performance. For all these requirements, you can count on the team of Smart SEO Tech having certified professionals well versed with web analytics management.

Analytics is serving as the latest catchphrase used for analyzing audience behavior in almost all fields. This further helps to make conclusions that are profitable for business, service or product. Understanding and analysis of audience behavior is represented in website perspective based on their visit to the site. This helps in making improvements so as to retain the existing customers while attracting the new ones. When the amount that each individual spends increases, it helps in making business profit.

Web Analytics Common Features

  • • Google analytics use for data management and collection
  • • Integrated solutions delivered by Google for preserving integrity of data
  • • Segmentation and filtration of reports for reflection
  • • Help making smarter decisions for business
  • • Content, website traffic, marketing and keywords analysis by Google analytics
  • • Broken links maintenance by all-in-one tool

Following are the services covered under the analytics division

Audits of Google analytics

Accurate integration of Google analytics is important for so that all the business metrics that are measurable and holds importance for the organization could be tracked properly. This fact is executed and evaluated in the all-inclusive Google analytics audit held by us. At Smart SEO Tech, the particular business needs are understood and based on this, the custom reports are created. If data collection process has flaws then the marketing campaign’s performance is affected with expensive mistakes. Our team of experienced enthusiasts at Smart SEO Tech minimizes the chances of such mistakes since Google Analytics is implemented by us in rock solid manner.

Analysis, insights and reporting

The power of Google analytics has not been discovered completely and it is still undercover. The hidden secrets and benefits contained in your data are uncovered via proper utilization of Google analytics through report points and required custom reports.

Consultancy of Google analytics

Smart SEO Tech serves as one of the leading consultants of Google analytics optimization and provide customized services helpful in inferring smear decisions by driving meaningful data. Your accounts are configured, performance data is provided with easy access and your confidence in decisions of online marketing is enhanced. To ensure the fact that your data operate in most feasible manner, we check the implementation at high level, schedule calls on regular basis, report continuously and assure all the other things.

Conversion optimization

Conversion rate optimization is also aided by our team on the basis of the vast experience and insights that we have so that the website flow remains smooth with all the desired changes.

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