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We bridge the details of conventional marketing, professional development, and modern branding tactics to effectively expand your business. Smart SEO tech is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Smart SEO tech has risen from a “One-Man-Band” to a National Brand with nearly 50 full-time employees. Smart SEO tech has accomplished over 1,000% growth in the past 10 years, building a business model that concentrates on Customer and Employee retention and best services. While we might resemble the last agency you hired, when you look under our veil you’ll see why some of the biggest, well-funded businesses in the world come to us for help. Our strategy for SEO is distinctively created around what we know works…and what we know what doesn’t work. With the above 200 verified factors in play within Google’s search algorithm, most IT Support Company will rely on old plans that no longer effective and with new strategies that they expect to stick.

Core values of Smart SEO Tech


Exact of how your competition is doing and ways to supersede them within months. Irrespective of whats’s your competitor’s size and reputation, we will make you ahead of them with the help of our technical and marketing experts.

SEO Transparency

No veil of fake numbers and analysis. Every activity is watched and available for you to check, 24 hours a day you can also talk to our SEO expert team to know more about your project’s progress and IT support.

Data-Driven Strategy

At Smart SEO Tech we use data and only data to handle the campaign strategy. No guessing entertainments. We know you want to see results every day and we surely know how to make it happen.

ROI Obsessed

We use one success mark– ROI. We trail conversions so you know how Smart SEO Tech is valuable for your business. We are specialists in Business Tech Support and converting every page visit into a rewarding customer.

Social Networking Boost

We’ll assist in handling your social media, hunting effective strategies, and help you build your brand voice. With our social media experts know your audience closely and know what they are expecting from you.

Keyword Research

We’ll give you complete benchmark reports with each keyword rankings and past trails, organic search traffic and help you crawl your rankings to the top. We are really good at making local businesses famous.

Web Design

Our team can present a new or renovated website included with built-in SEO, enhanced performance, interface, and accessibility. Leading to the web design loved and praised by everyone.

How We Work

Digital Marketing Solutions That Make Sense digital marketing

Nothing slows down progress like indecision and inaction. Get the best opportunities & act now


We specialize mainly in long-tail SEO. That way, we can work more productively and be up to date with the new google and social inclinations to provide you only the best

Relationship Focus

We understand it’s critically necessary to develop close partnerships with all of our clients and you will get regular updates from start to finish about your project.

Masters Of Marketing

We attempt to do it the best, most agile, and best way possible from years of experience and thousands of inspection campaigns, case readings, and collaborations.

Committed To Results

Your profitability is above and beyond. Whether your business is attempting improvisation exposure and visibility, or carefully watching the market bottom line. We are here to help you.

Future Forward

We don’t just concentrate on moving traffic on your website, we believe in getting the most from your prevailing and future traffic.

Expert Team

We have a team of tech-savvy experts on-site to take care of all your marketing needs, technical and Business Tech Support requirements.

Ready To Thrive Online?

Revolutionize your work with more frequent sales leads and expanding e-commerce revenue. If YES, We Are Just A Call Away and Cannot Wait To Hear From You.