How To Create Backlinks For SEO 2019

December 31, 2019 | By JustinJohn

Link Building is a tough task that includes large amount of efforts and expenses. Some of the simple link building tips are as follows:

• ASKING THE BACKLINKS – For the beginners of this job it is a very good option. All one has to do is ask their friends, colleagues, partners, clients and contacts for their backlink if they own a site or any blog. One must ask for links that are in-content instead of those which are in the footer or the sidebar. The only thing that one has to ensure is the relativity of the backlink with their forte, else it will not be beneficial and instead will have an adverse affect.

• BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS – Building good relationship is very important for building links. One can find huge number of opportunities to build links by starting and interacting to different social groups like facebook, various forums and blogs. One can initiate by being a part of a social group and making your presence there by adding your views and relevant comments on various posts and discussions. Once you start keeping yourself actively connected to the online communities and forums of your choice and need you will be able to establish strong connections with people with similar mindset as yours. This will help you enhance your accession to the latest industry trends and help you build more connections.

• GIVING TESTIMONIALS – Link building via testimonials is totally victorious. Now a day large number of businesses initiate customer reviews and comments about the experience of their services and products. This not only help them to make their customers feel important and win their trust, but also is an opportunity to gain a backlink and huge customer traffic on their websites as which is much higher as compared to any other technique. With this companies gain testimonials and the user gets a new backlink.

• STATRING A BLOG – Never develop a blog with a single post and single backlink to your site. In case you do so, it is simply wasting time rather it is creating a perilous link for ones own self. If you wish to own a link, you must make adequate efforts to keep it alive. You must keep updating your blog on regular intervals, along with a backlink to your site . Your concentration must always be on your industry and on the needs of your client. The content must be strong, relevant, constructive, and well coherent. This is the only measure with which the world would connect back numerous times, and you gain backlinks.

• LET YOUR SITE BE A PART OF MERITORIOUS LISTS IN DIRECTORIES – There are a few directories which have unreal value for the Internet and these directories are being excluded by Google from its search options, and obviously no one wants their website to be a part of such directories. On the contrary one would desire to be a part of a directory that offers required information for the valued customers and gives you a chance to you to post your link to your website. Once you are listed in such a directory your chances of being part of the positive search results of the search engines.

• ENSURE QUALITY GUEST POST – Before you initiate to write for any website you must ensure the following points :

• Relativity of the blog or website with your topic.
• The article must not talk about your and your company’s greatness.
• Ensure a greater quality of text, it should be well edited, professional and interesting.
• Remember a bad article can harm your reputation.
• Ensure that you build only those links that bring positive results instead of negative ranking of the search
result of browsers for your website.
• The power and reliability of a domain can be checked by the help of Link Research Tools.

• FINDING OUT COMMON LINKS WITH COMPETITORS – Once you compare the backlinks of your competitors with yours, you will figure out that that there are a few common , but the question is that if they managed to get the backlinks what is the hindrance for you. You must analyze these backlinks and try to grab them too. You can efficiently use the Common Backlinks Tool for

• RECOVRING DEAD BACKLINKS – We often find some broken links to our website. It is because the location of the page changes or it could be because your link is misspelled by some other webmaster. The backlinks would return to error 404 in both the cases. If the domain is migrated to some other link or if it is re-launched then also similar issues may show-up. In such a case the backlink must be redirected to some other page. In order to find out the backlinks of your site that are linked with non-existent pages (HTTP-code404) one can make use of the tool Link Juice Recovery (LJR). This tool is capable of not only detecting HTTP-code 404 errors but also detects errors like Timeout error (504) and Invalid Access error (403).

• CHECKING DEAD LINKS OF WIKIPEDIA – Wikipedia’s dead links can also be used for building sources.Google considers Wikipedia to be quite a trustworthy site. You can not only find dead and broken links there but you can also replace and forward the same. This action can be performed with the help of a free tool known as Wikigrabber. With it you can search the keywords and find the pages that are in need of citation on Wikipedia or who have a dead link on them. Even if the links of Wikipedia are NO FOLLOW LINKS, they still pass on trust. One must not think that Google does not looks up to the No Follow Links, it actually does and one can be sure about this as it precisely mentioned in the penalty claims of Manual Action.

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