Latest SEO Updates And Strategy 2019

December 31, 2019 | By JustinJohn

The process of generating traffic from the free, editorial and natural search results on any search engine or web browser is known as SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most of the search engines have primary search result, in this result the content like videos and local listings and the web pages are publicized, there ranking is based on the relevance of what a particular search engine considers important.

Following is the list of some of the strategies and updates of SEO 2019 with which the presence and visibility of different websites have increased on internet. SEO is both risk-taking and daring a task, let us figure out some of the strategies which are worth taking risk for better SEO results.

• OPTIMIZING VOICE SEARCH – Voice search can be given a credit of good number of total searches. To be précised it is accounted for about 20% of the searches of various kinds on internet., and most surprisingly this percentage is growing each year since 2016. It would be great if this technology can be utilized as much as possible and as early as possible with the help of voice activation and recognition system.

IT’S APPLICATION – Most of the inquiries made by voice search are in the form of questions, which means that the question has to be in a an actual sentence and must have a long tail, instead of just having a keyword or phrases or related terms to the question. The results of voice- based searh terms are best when they could be found on Google FEATURED SNIPPET. When we are considering a content we must ensure that the question and its answer and relevant information is on the same page, it is suggested so because Google favors such sites more, and it also ensures that the user gets a quick result to its search query.

• UTILIZATION OF LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS – Long-tail keywords are believed to create less traffic as compared to the shorter keywords. But the surprise is that the rate of conversion of these long keywords is much more that of short keywords. It is so because these keywords are of précised search, ad also because the rate of competition is lesser as compared to simpler keywords. While a large number of users opt the long-tail keyword, it is always better to optimize the keyword so that it fits the best in our need.

IT’S APPLICATION – It is highly recommended to do some keyword research with the help of tools like AHRefs and SEMRUSH. These tools provide absolutely true and actual data in reference to keyword performance.

• MOBILE USAGE – In the last few years there has been an immense growth in the number of mobile phone users. And with this rate of growth there has also been a growth in the popularity of Google as a search engine, because the maximum searches that are done on mobile phones is via the Google available of the mobile phone of the users. The mobile phone page gradually becomes the main page , this refers to the fact that the website has to be optimized to be mobile phone user friendly as soon as possible.

IT’S APPLICATION – First and foremost change or adaptation that your website needs is a responsive design to it. By making this change, you enhance the user experience by improved navigation. It motivates the user to be at your website for a longer span of time. By changing the code of the website, that can conform with the adjustment from mobile to desktop you can make your website more user friendly. One’s own AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) can also be developed, which improves the loading speed and performance of the website. One can take the reference from Google about how create AMP for your website.

• AQUIRING POSITION 0 – Position 0 is one of the most desirable position on a search page of Google. It is the place from where the internet users grab their desired information, and Google ensures that the users get their desired information is the least possible span of time. Being there at the Google Position 0 is a great benefit as it gives a kick start to your website, and you can be there by some simple optimizations.

IT’S APPLICATION – The internet users seek answers to their questions instantly. SO by answering to some of the questions of “what, where, who..” etc , you can be on the top. It is also helpful in fetching voice results, which is an add on. Apart from doing this, it is also highly suggested to make a use of schema markup on the website, along with reducing the URL of your website to something that is more comprehensive and legible.

• INCREASING THE NUMBER OF VIDEO CONTENT – Now a days the internet users get attracted more to the videos rather than the text and images, it would not be incorrect to state that videos are becoming more important and popular day by day. Users are developing an inclination for YouTube and they search for their desired information on YouTube even before Google. YouTube is ranked as the second largest search engine in the world, and if you have some of the videos on your website it would surely add a merit to it.

IT’S APPLICATION – You must make a study on the interests of the users and what they enjoy and desire to watch, once you come on a conclusion, try to develop videos that the users get attracted to. Producing and creating a video is a superior task that involves a lot of hard work, efforts and off course superior quality audio and video equipments. Your videos must be SEO friendly

CONCLUSION – 2019 has witnessed great SEO strategies and trends that have brought in grand changes in the sector, but one must always be prepared for such positive changes in the technology sector. These strategies would definitely help you bag greater level of success and contentment at your work.

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