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December 31, 2019 | By JustinJohn
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Social media has proved its worth time and again. It has become an integral part of the success for any company. Therefore it is very important to select the best of strategies for the success of the business.Despite its proven results, still many companies have failed to use it strategically. Undoubtedly likes, follows and shares are still important, but the stability of a brand is dependent on various other factors as well.

In today’s times, the social media demands a different set of skills and traits by the companies. The companies are also expected to understand the needs and requirements of their prospective customers. We have summed up some of the very useful an important social media marketing strategies which will definitely rule in the year 2019.

1. Chatbots

Chatbots have been able to maintain its position in the top social media marketing strategies. It is a digital tool which is able to communicate independently and can also resolve the problems of the customers. It can work without any human help or interruption. Chatbots are also able to connect with various social media platforms which have huge fan followings. SM platform like Chatty people integrates and AI powered chatbot making your SM strategies powerful. Best features of this are:

• Can answer customers queries
• Doesn’t need any coding language knowledge
• Has an integration with almost all online payment systems
• Can take orders and queries directly from SM messengers like Facebook and user comments


1. Collect Personalized Customers Experience

Just by solving the customers queries and problems alone won’t help. Develop strategies to collect personalized experience by the customers. You can achieve this by creating various ads that can redirect your customers to a Facebook Messenger chat window. By doing this you can:

• Increase your sales
• Create a loyal customer base
• Break the old image of only selling to customers
• Create a more personal experience

2. Develop an effective content marketing strategy

Customers now days pay attention to the quality rather than quantity. And content is the best way to showcase your quality standards to them. Content marketing has been one of the most successful strategies in a past few years. Many companies fail to associate correct content at correct place.

Therefore they are left out in the race. High quality content information along with correct hashtags can do wonders for our business and:

• Boost your products sales
• Earn your business a good reputation
• Showcase the quality standards
• Will develop intellectual customer base

3. Community

Creating a community consisting of followers is a new trend which is widely followed in 2019. You must showcase to your loyal customers that these social media strategies are not just robotics but are personally handled by your team. Try to integrate your emotions and humor quotient in your online posts so that the customers can relate to it. It is natural to lose interest if they are made to check out similar posts every day. Make it interactive by:

• Ask for their opinions
• Get funny
• Go for an online question and answers sessions
• Direct interaction with the customer care
• Post stories
• Liking the posts and comments of the customers

4. Go for Diverse Content

Don’t just go for regular content posting on your brand pages. Customers like to watch funny content, videos and memes. Try to make your page more interactive and interesting by jazzing up your content. You can take inspirations from some of the established players on social media. Make sure you add some more interesting factors along with plain text. This can prove to be a great way of giving personal touch to your brand page.

5. Use Brand Advocates

The most successful promotional tool is to utilize the people who like your brand. Instead of only focusing on creating new customers, it is better to develop your image. Ask you customer and employees to be your brand advocates. These are the people who can testify the products and services offered by your company. You can achieve this by:

• Adding a leader to every section of the Social Media Plan
• Develop the SM guidelines for your brand
• Educate your advocates regarding your SM practices

6. Profile on all Social Media Platforms

In current times handling only one SM platform is not enough. If you wish to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales, you must create and manage SM profiles on different platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc are the top platforms which can assist you in this initiative. Make sure you make an intelligent choice of the SM platform relevant to your business. For example Linkedin won’t work for a clothing brand.

7. Cross Channel Campaigns

To get an edge in SMM strategies, try using cross channel campaigns all over the SM platforms. The fact is this is practiced by almost all the companies. But you need to add something different to stand out from the crowd. Try adding an emotional factor or component to your SM posts. This can help the customers to relate to your brand at a personal level. The benefits of running an efficient campaign are:

• Post an interesting story
• Linking your posts to your landing page will help customers get a proper understanding
• Use relevant hashtags along with using unique names

8. Go Live

You content will of course tell your stories to your audience, but you can add up to the spice by going live. Uploading live videos are much more interesting than the regular and boring content. This will help you in showcasing your original motive which is far better than just selling product to the customers. You can engage and at the same time inspire them for something better.
These SM marketing strategies will surely help you creating the best brand image for your business.If you are a new bee or an established brand, these strategies are a sure shot success.

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