Web design Trends 2019

December 31, 2019 | By JustinJohn

Technological advancement is posing challenges to web designers continuously. With new devices being launched every year, it is important for a web page to adapt to different configurations. 2017 has finally seen usage of mobile overtaking the desktop browsing. Trends in web designs have evolved beautifully over decades. With all the challenges, web designers are still competent to create web sites which are user friendly, innovative, clear and coherent with corporate style. In 2019, mobile functionality is going to be at its fullest. Some of the extraordinary and distinguished web design trends in 2019 are as follows:

1. Depth and Drop shadow

Web designers have played a lot with the shadows for quite some time. Advancement in web browser have assisted in usage of shadows in varied ways. It is evident that drop shadows option is not new, but with the grid layout and parallax layout, the depth created is remarkable which gives a deception of the nature beyond limits. This gives a new divergence and to the regular bland designs. Also, a combination of faint shadows with lively colours heightens the three-dimensional effect.

2. Vivid colour schemes

Till now, most designers are cemented with web safe colours, but 2019 has seen designers using colours boldly. Use of plethora of lively and dynamic shades in the varied angles headers with slashes is in. With better technologies in screens of devices and varied devices able to show splendid colours, the designers have got a new dimension to experiment. With contrasting colours, new brands aspire to attract visitor’s attention quickly and stay away from the conventional web safe colours.

3. Particle Backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are lightweight Java Script animations which allow the animation to be created as a part of the background, not taking much time to load. It a great quick fix to performance issues websites suffer due to video running in the background.

Particle background enable to catch user’s attention so that brands can enjoy memory retention within a few seconds. The old saying stands well here that “an Image says more than a thousand words”, and animated tells more than that. Animations or motion graphics of JavaScript have become very popular on social media giving more leads.

4. Mobile browsing

One of the drastic changes brought in the user habit is use of mobiles for all kinds of browsing. Smart phone technology has left desktop browsing far behind. Also, people prefer to do online shopping on the smart phones. In the beginning, the users struggled to adopt to small screen browsing giving web designers a challenge to design the menus , submenus etc on a small screen.

With passage of time, mobile designs have evolved and advanced . Though large pics have to be abandoned but economical use of icons in terms of space has made user browsing easy and comfortable. Also, web designers get feedback on troubles in small interactions and provide immediate fixes.

5. Illustrations help

To add an aspect of joy, fun and entertainment to the site. They are a great media for giving information through great images. Experts creates illustrations according to the brand’s USP and brand image to help stand out in the crowd.

Though Illustrations are suitable for businesses that have an aspect of joy and cheer, they also help a brand to approach their customers in a serious way. Every image can match the illustration they want.

6. Loud and clear typography

With the device resolutions getting sharper, clearer and easier to read, the use of custom fonts has increased drastically. Typography has become an important and dominant means to indicate personality, and sets an attitude on website along with conveying required information. Many browsers except internet explorers support custom made typefaces enabled by CSS for web browsers. Large fonts with unconventional strokes give users special experience while reading your website.

7. Fashion of skewed and open grid layouts

There is big change in the layout trend. Web designers are experimenting with layout by opting for open grids and asymmetricity. This gives the web page an exclusive and extraordinary appeal making it stand out in the crowd.
However, even today brands with heavy content still use the conventional grid structures, but with new brands launching every other day, there is an increase in use of unique, offbeat layout on the web help them to make a different brand positioning. These experiments may be adopted by bigger brands showing renovation and adaptation to digital age.

8. Integrated animations

With advancement in browser, major websites are shifting from static, boring images to latest animation based graphic to attract the users and communicate effectively. Small animations unlike particle animations (which occupy more area on the background) help involve a visitor with easy disbursement of information and providing a light feel on the website. For example, graphics keeps user engaged till the page loads or use hover state from a link.
Animation is great tool for including users in the story of a website, allowing them to see themselves (and their potential future as customers) in the characters. Even if you are only interested in animations for fun abstract visuals, they work well to create meaningful interactions for your visitors.

9. Vigorous Gradients

Flat designs have been prevalent for a long time than the dimensional colours, but gradients have become alive again in 2019. Earlier gradients were used to 3D feel and appearance with very light shading. 2019 has seen gradients big, loud and bold colours. This makes even boring images look interesting. It gives a good substitution to images if you don’t have one.

10. Trends in 2019

2019 has seen some of the revolutionary changes in web designing. With dominance of smart phones over desktop usage, people spent maximum time browsing and shopping over smartphones. Web Designers have positively accepted the challenge of designing for small screens with all the content, at same time giving users a light and easy feel with comfortable user experience. Bold and vibrant colours have dominated over subtle web safe colours.

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